Power Supply
Fortaleza port energy system comprises 6 substations and a central measuring station fed by a 13.8KV primary distribution network with ring topology and double crowning per phase. In the design of the system, the isolation of any stretch for repair purposes has already benn provided for without cutting off power supply to the rst of the port.

Water Supply
The port water supply is furnished by the Water and Sewage Company CAGECE from the State of Ceará through the Public Network. There are three water reservoirs available at the port, located at the rear end Cearense Mill, two of wich are of the underground type eith a 500m3 capacity each and a water tower with a 100m3 capacity, making up a total of 11,100m3 in water storage capacity.

Communications an Telephone Services
The internal telephone network of the port of Fortaleza is composed of a PABX ( CPCT) exchange with initial capacity to answer 30 exclusive extensions; 35 semi-exclusive extensions and 55 restricted extensions whereby 104 are analog and 16 digital. The final answering capacity is of up to 200 extensions which interconnect all sections of the Ceará Dock Company.

Other communication services available at the port are telex, post-office services, fax-simile anb radio trough Fortaleza Radio Station ( PFP )


Fuel Supply
The supply of fuel oil is provided by distribution companies, by means of pumps located along the commercial wharf.