The port of Fortaleza has 5 first-class warehouses. The area of each one of these warehouses reaches 6.000m2 measuring 150m x 40m/

Behind berths 101 and 102 you will find warehouses A-1 and A-2. Thses facilities aimed at storing solid bulk and specifically wheat and maize are leased to third parties. The static storage capacity of A-1 is 30.000t and of A-2 is 40.000t.

Behind berths 103 and 104, you will find warehouse A-3 and A-4. Warehouse A-3 is exclusively used to store solid bulk, having a static storage capacity of 30.000t, whilst warehouse A-4 is used to store imported general cargo.

Warehouse A-5 is located behind berth 105 and is aimed at storing general cargo for export.


The Port of Fortaleza has 2 patios for storage of containers one behind warehouses A-3 and A-4, with 50.000m2 de area, and the other, behindwarehouse A-5 and berth 106, with 60.000m2 equipped with 120 sockets for powering refrigerated containers.

The Port of Fortaleza downsn't have its own silo storage system. The existing silos, behind warehouses A-1 and A-2, belong to privately-owned companies installed in the port area and rear port

Dias Branco Mill
- Total occupied area: 4,290m2
- Feature: I vertical silo with 30 cells and 13 Inter-cells
- Total static Capacity: 80,000 T
- Nominal Handling Speed: 300 T/h
- Purpose: heat grain storage

Great Ceará Mill
- Total occupied area: 12,000 m2
- Feature: I vertical silo with 16 cells and 5 inter-cells.
- Total static capacity: 22,000 t
- Nominal Handling Speed: 100 t/h
- Purpose: Wheath grain storage

Fortaleza Mill
- Total occupied area: 12,000 m2
- Feature: I vertical silo with 12 cells and 5 intercells;
1 horizontal silo
- Total static capacity: 16,350t
- Nominal Handling Speed: 200t/h
- Purpose: Wheat grain storage

Fuel Tank
The Port of Fortaleza is not equipped with its own fuel tanks. The existing tanks belong to companies distributing petroleum and derivatives installed in the rear area of the port.