The following docking facilities in the port of Fortaleza include the commercial wharf, the petroleum pier and fishing wharf.

Commercial Wharf
The commercial wharf of the port of Fortaleza extends to a total of 1.116m, including a working extension of 1.047m and is 20 meters wide, comprising the following three stretches of wharf.

The 1st stretch corresponding to the wharf area measuring 20m wide in front of warehouses A-1 and A-2, has an overload capacity of 3.5t/m2 and is intended for dockingof tugboats in the service of Petrobras, fishing boats and long haul vessels that do not require deep draught for docking. Operationally, it is divided into two berths: berth 101, situated in front of warehouse A-1, from mooring dolphin I to mooring dolphin 8, measuring 220m long berth 102 located in front of warehouse A-2, from mooring dolphin 8 to mooring dolphin 17 measuring 197m long. The depth on this stretch varies from 5m to 8m in depth.

The second 2nd. Stretch of the commercial quay, corresponding to following 530m of quay lies in front of warehouses A-3, A-4 and A-5 and has an overload capacity of 5.0t/m2. The depth of this stretch is 10m.

The third stretch, corresponding to the last 160m of quay, has an overload capacity of 5.0t/m2, and is also 10 m in depth.

The second and third stretches are designed fod docking of coastal and long haul vessels. They have 10m depth and are operationally subdivided into three docking areas: berth 103, in front of warehouse A-3, from mooring dolphin 17 to mooring dolphin 24, measuring 210m in length, berth 104 in front of warehouse A-4 from mooring dolphin 24 to mooring dolphin 31, measuring 210m long, and berth 105 in front of warehouse A-5 from mooring dolphin 31 to mooring dolphin 38, measuring 210m in length.

The wharf plataform in front of warehouses A-1 and A-2 is paved with cobbles and the remaining area with concrete slabs.

On all stretches, with the exception of Berth 101, there are cylindrical, axial type defenses, with a front panel of steel coatedin in high-density polyethylene.

Petroleum Pier
The Petroleum pier at the port of Fortaleza is made up of an access bridge, docking platform with two berths and duct system with an overload capacity of 2.0 t/m2. The internal berth depth is 11m and external berth depth is 12m.

The main features of the pier are:

Acess bridge:
- Overall length: 853m
- Width: 3.70m
- Crown elevation relative to Portobras zero hydrographic mark: 5m

Docking Plataform
- Overall lenght: 90m
- Width: 28m
- Crown elevation relative Portobras zero hydrographic mark: 5m

Oil ducts
- Overall lenght: 853m
- Width: 8.50m

Fishing Wharf
The Fishing Wharf located at the southwestern end of the port facilites, has an ocerall length of 210m and a width of 20m, overload capacity of 3.5 t/m2 and depth varying from 3m to 5m. The docking facilities are in pre-molded concrete with 10 to 12 ton blocks. This wharf is used for fishing boats only and is not equipped with machinery or supply facilities provided by the port.