On 12/20/1933, under Decree no 23.606, the Ceará State government was granted the contract for construction, equipment and exploitation of the Port of Fortaleza for the period of 60 years.

By means of Resolution No. 182.1 of March 25th 1965, the National Port and Waterways Council CNPVN, decided to create, under the terms of law 4213, of february 14th 1963, the Companhia Docas do Ceará CDC, a mixed investiment partnership, for the purpose of commecial exploitation of the ports of the State of Ceará.

On March 30th 1965, through Bill No. 178, of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, the aforementioned CNPVN resolution passed.

State Law No 7944 of March 29 1965 authorized the participation of the State Government in Companhia Docas do Ceará.

On April 9th 1965 the public registration for the constitution of the Companhia Docas do Ceará was signed, under the terms of Law 4213, of February 14th 1963, together with Decree No 54046 of July 23rd 1964, for the purpose of exploiting, industrially and commercially, the ports of the State of Ceará.

Consequently, the transfer os the grant from the Port of Fortaleza to the Companhia Docas do Ceará, previously granted by the State Government, was made effective on October 19th 1965, by means of Federeal Decree No 57103.

In 1968, the A-4 warehouse, the extension of the wharf ( with 10m in depth ) and the Passenger Terminal were inaugurated.

Law No 6222 of July 10th 1975 relating to the creation PORTOBRÁS Brazilian Ports Company, a state-owned company charged with coordinating the entire Brazilian port system, transformed the Companhia Docas do Ceará into a subsidiary of PORTOBRÁS,
coming to be governed by Law No 6404, of December 15th 1976.

The year 1980 saw the opening of the fishing wharf, and on January 28th 1982 the port's petroleum pier was unveiled.

with the extinction of PORTOBRÁS, the Companhia Docas do Ceará came to have a direct link to the Ministry of Infrastructure, created during the Collor de Mello Administration to encompass the Ministry of Transports and Communication, which at the end of that Government, the previous situation returned, the trasnport area once again falling under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport, and the Companhia Docas do Ceará being linked thereto.

Following approval of Law 8630, of February 25th 1993, which refers to the legal regime for exploitation of organized ports and port facilities, the institucional port environment was completely changed, especially for dock companies, including the Companhia Docas do Ceará, forced to conform to the process of privatization determined by the Federal Government, which led these companies to effect changes in their organization structures