The Dock's Background
Port Background
Characteristics of the Port
Physical Conditions
Climatic Conditions
Board of Tides

Port Facilities
Shelter and Containment Works
Docking Facilities
Warehouses Facilities
Internal Circulation Routes
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Port Authority
Organizational Structure

Master Plan
The Plan
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Norms and Regulations


Characteristics of the Port


The Port of Fortaleza is located in Mucuripe Bay, in the municipality of Fortaleza, Ceará State, in the Northeast Region of Brazil.

It is limited to the North and East by the Atlantic Ocean, with the city of Fortaleza to the south and west, the port area being surrounded by urban infrastructure.

The Port of Fortaleza is a maritime port found in a privileged location coast as it is one of the closest to the large international ports of Europe and North America, an important factor in the reduction of transport costs.

Area of Influence
The influence of the Port of Fortaleza stretches throughout the State of Ceará, encompassing other regions, even beyond the states of Piauí and Rio Grande do Norte. The port represents the pont of convergence pf the whole maritime exchange of goods in the State, both for loading and unloading and, especially, that of those goods destined for the international market.